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mx vortexion
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Originally Posted by TTTSNB
I am not a guitar player, but my guitarist used to use a Digatech Death Metal pedal, and I'm telling you, that pedal is TERRIBLE. It gives far too much distortion, and its eq settings don't help very much. He's since switched to a Line 6 Uber Metal, and I've noticed a huge improvement in tone.
The digitech death metal pedal is a really hardcore pedal. Geared toward 1 purpose, Death Metal. I didn't like because I don't play death metal, if you do, try it out, you will probably like it.

A note on te metal zone. I think it really depends on what amp you have. I have tested it extensively through my practise amp and my gigging amp and i can't get good enough tone out of it. My RP200 sounds way better. That being said, I have heard it sound good. I dunno what other variable it could be. I have JB pickups on my ibanez so its not pickups, i would live and die by those, they have improved my tone a lot. Anyway thats my 2 cents on metal pedals.
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Dr. Phil-Up-On-You
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that pedal sucks balls for pretty much anything until you like nothing but feedback
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Originally Posted by Still Life
I'm deciding whether to buy this or the Boss Metalzone. Which one would you recomend?
Metal Zone has better mids and less "razor" highs. Better construction too.
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Lieutenant Dan
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Originally Posted by GEARHEAD
Metal Zone has better mids

Originally Posted by GEARHEAD
Better construction too

Originally Posted by GEARHEAD
[It has] less "razor" highs.
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dual rec
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I dont know why anyone likes the death metal pedal. I think it sucks personally. I like the boss mt-2 or the digitech metal master better. I think the death metal sounds like solid fuzz. Of couse if you have a decent amp it may help the overdrive boost, but for just a main distortion I dont think its that good. Not tryin to bash, that is just my review on it.
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Old 03-06-2006, 09:50 AM   #96
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I have this pedal and think its pretty good. I bought it after reading a number of five star reviews and having a play with one at the music shop, i must say
its served me pretty well.

I've never really sampled any other distortion pedals as to compare it to anything though. I am under the impression it is good for its price though, as every other brand stompbox i seen was $100 more expensive.
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dual rec
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i'll give you that, it is a cheap way to get a high gain.
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Old 03-15-2006, 07:57 AM   #98
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I Used To Have The Dod Death Metal Distortion But After Years Of Abusing The Poor Thing I Replaced It With The Digitech Pedal
Way Better Then Any Other Distortion I Ever Used
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Dancin' Man
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Stick with the Metalzone kids. I've been using it for over 2 years now and it is great. I actually turn the distortion almost all of the way down and then EQ it nicely and it turns into a phenomenal pedal. Take in mind I play in a hardcore/grind band and an alt rock band and use it for both. That attests to it's versatility I think.
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i play in a old school raw as hell grind band and while i like the soud you can get with a metal zone, for what im doing the death metal distortion is the best
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National chaos sam
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Id dont acutally like Boss's distortion pedals at all! Analog or not, ive never liked them! dont get me wrong, untill i purchased an amp with distortion on it i was in love with my DS1, but thats when i found other sources. Digitechs newer range of overdrive/distortion pedals ROCK. but id never use them, however, all of Boss's other effects are by far the best, Ive never heard a better chorus pedal then the Chorus Ensemble, and some of the old DOD pedlas have thier very awesome moments.
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Oh Mein handy
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It can sound good...if you have a compression pedal and maybe a EQ pedal too.

Or if you're lazy like me, hook it into a V-amp Pro and play with the settings
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I would love to learn more about guitar equipment! I'm like totally noob to learning guitar! Please add me at [email][/email], I would love to understand more about guitar equipment!!
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afraid of my lymph nodes
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I like the Boss Metalzone. Though lately, I've been relying more on my Peaveys' preset distortion. It's got so much ****ing high end with a thick bottom end, too.
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Old 05-26-2006, 12:55 PM   #105
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Hi guys would the death metal be a step up from my boss ds-1 in the distortionyness?
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you can do it with an equalizer pedal
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Originally Posted by Puppet Lizards_Frontman
That's funny that you think that the Metal Zone sounds digital, because its 100% analog circutry. Anyway, the Metal Zone is more versatile, but the Death Metal has an insane crunch to it...try em out thats all I can say.

Yes. Open it up. It uses a number of SMD op-amps. The metal-zone is one of the better pedals I picked up used cheaply. The mega-distortion, now that was total ***. But I roll my own pedals these days.
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Originally Posted by Still Life
Would you pick this over Metal Master?
HELL naw the death metal pedal in my opinion is a piece of junk. Its distorion has no depth to it at all. I would much rather buy the metal master.
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Most Cumbersome
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Originally Posted by nathan123
ive had an mt-2 for some time now, it even sounded good on my first guitar. an argos encore setup, now i have a vintage SG and a H||H ic100 amp and it sounds amazing. i think DIGItech kinda says its not really an analogue pedal to me

QFT. I mean REALLY people.
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yea i bought a metal pedal a few months ago and it's great it blows a lot of the competetion away
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Everyone's forgeting that these pedals can be modded (especially the metalzone) to sounds that are way better than the stock sound. I didn't think it could make a difference until I got my hands on a modded boss ds-1. Side by side with the stock pedal it makes the stock sound like supreme crap! And a modded metalzone kicks the crap out of a stock metalzone. Don't believe me? Check out He does pedal mods, and for cheap too, or you can just buy a brand new one if you don't already have one. Yeah, a boss ds-1 modded costs less from him than from the local radio shack. He doesn't have the Metal zone mod on his site, but ask him, and he'll do it for you. It's so great, I can't even play stock pedals anymore. Now if I had more money for a phase 90 mod.

And yes, both have their ups and downs, the metalzone is amore classic 80s distoretion and the death metal is for new types of metal. I'm not sure if the digitech pedals would be so reliable, but the bosses are built like tanks. They are both different pedals really meant to do certain things. If you put the boss mt-2 vs. the boss hm-2 then that';s a different story, the hm-2 sucks, but that was what the metalzone was before it became the metal zone, it even has the same colour scheme. Just remember, go with your ears, buy what you like, but don't just limit yourself to 2 pedals, there's more out there.

And if you're low on a budget, yeah even I'd go with a death metal. It is good for the price.
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I own both digitech DM & boss MZ. MZ works best for me.


Level Max
Bass 9PM
Hi Max
Mid (outer ring) 12PM-1PM
Mid (inner knob) scooped
Dist (Max for quite playing), (2pm for loud playing)

Your Amp setting will be
MID anywhere from noon to max sounds great
Hi Max

Meant specifically for b tuning (thick gauge strings. The better your guitar and amp the clearer and heavier it sounds. Some cabs have a very low bass heavy sound while others have a very bright mid rangy tone. I use a randall cab with 300 watt rocket 50 speakers and a peavey 6505 with i'm not sure what the speakers are. I used a 5150 head and it's pretty damn fucking loud. On top of that I use a sonic maximizer to add to razor sharp hi's and punchy bass low's.

Would not go any where with out by sonic maximizer. Gives a nivce punch to the gut. Oh yeah you can feel it. THE SOUND IS MASSIVE. !!!!!
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