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My Tears: Your Weapon II
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The MOAB in Afghanistan

So, thoughts? How do you guys feel about the largest non-nuclear bomb dropped recently.
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a lot of people died but at least we only destroyed the area instead of irradiating it
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I kill gods
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It's pointless to waste a moab on an underground target.
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classic ando
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it's gross and they shouldn't exist
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Tanya Tickletitties
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yucky stuff
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Black Ink
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Originally Posted by titanslayer View Post
It's pointless to waste a moab on an underground target.

It was specifically designed to take out cave/tunnel systems. The Afghan system was in particular the impetus to even design the MOAB in 2003.
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Mr. Dealmaker would rather throw bombs than make deals. What happened? What happened to American first and how we weren't going to run off to defend other countries that should be defending themselves? If Trump had said the opposite of all the campaign promises he made, he'd be looking like the most truthful candidate that ever ran.
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