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slappin bitsches
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4 new songs from upcoming cassette

will post the audio here when its recorded
my favorite songs so far, it synthesizes the two styles i love: bedroom indie singer-songwriter and industrial

limp and languid
thoughts at night
that used to
be fevered with passion

my body here
is just a placeholder
until i return

you want to go out
but i’m already out
i’m already out

take it away
take it away

the sharp sound was muted
like the plink of breaking glass landing on carpet
i only wish i could have seen your eyes widen as you realized what you had done
its broken now
sincerity has been turned inside out and the fašade has become the core

i want to make you suffer
i want to use you till you break
you are mine to do with as i please
as i please
as i please

i sing in metaphor and allegory
to hide the fact that i’m stupid and confused

there’s a word that rings false on your tongue (no)
trying hard to be what you think you are

october is here again
i saw you where i knew you’d be
but walked on by
feeling the dry crunch of the leaves
beneath my feet

we laid together and felt the pulse slowly drain away
but we were given specific instructions
a measure of prophylaxis
do not resuscitate
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Captain North
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They've all start out really great, but the first three especially falter in the final verses. It doesn't help that those verses don't seem to quite fit with the rest
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slappin bitsches
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Good point they do tend to trail off
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i spit hot fire
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vulnerable ends strong

the first two def need some sort of phrase to wrap them up
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