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Devon Benn
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Issues VS. Woe, Is Me (beefing in metalcore?)

I noticed something suspicious today. Issues released their first single, "King Of Amarillo," today. Woe, Is Me also released the first single from the upcoming album. Their song is titled "I've Told You Once." I read the lyrics to both songs and noticed something kind of funny... Before I go any further into this subject, let me give you some background information. Woe, Is Me was formed and had Tyler Carter on clean vocals, Michael Bohn on screaming, and Cory Ferris on bass along with some other members but they aren't important in what I need to explain. Over some time, Tyler, Michael, and Cory all left Woe. Since then, all three are in a new band named Issues. Both Issues and Woe released new songs today. Below is a section of lyrics from Issues' "King Of Amarillo."

Get over yourself, they can see right through you
We are the future like no one ever knew you
Got the swag of a coward and the heart of a nemesis
If you don't like these lyrics then go listen to Genesis
Genesis? Isn't Genesi[s] the title of Woe's next album? Below is a section of lyrics from Woe, Is Me's "I've Told You Once."

Cause you say that we’re cowards.
And that we’re the ones to blame.
but we’re one in a million.
And you’re all the fucking same.
Cause you say that we're read the third line in the Issues section of lyrics. The next line in Woe's lyrics says this.

You’re so proud of all the one-liners you wrote.
It must be hard to talk shit with a dick in your throat.
I don't know. What do you guys think? Is Issues and Woe, Is Me gonna be metalcore's Eminem and Ja Rule?
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Fingas neva saw me coming
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This beef cray.

But srsly how much is Rise paying you?
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i spit hot fire
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but srsly how sick is this shit
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Dimmu Burger
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I'm not gonna lie, I like both bands. I like WiM's full length and the single they put out once they got the new singer guy. Issues should be cool cause it seems like they're putting R&B into their stuff, which is something my band does.
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