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Question Need a new amp, 400-500...

Hey all,

I'm looking for an amp and I'd like your informed suggestions because I feel relatively clueless. Criteria:

- I'd like something that's as musically versatile as possible. I mainly play math rock, jazz fusion and indie pop. I mainly use a Fender Strat.
- I usually play at medium-sized venues, so I wouldn't want something that's limited to very small venues.
- Having said that, I'm on a budget of approximately 400, so I'd rather buy second-hand.
- Quality is important. I'd rather have a very good combo than an average stack.
- Preferably all-valve.
- I also intend to use the amp for recording.

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Try out the Peavey Delta Blues. I used to own one and it was great. Came with a matching cab even though it's only 30W it blows shit away. It's tube, so it's actually around 90W in actual volume since tube amps are 3x louder than the solid states at the same wattage. It's raunchy, yet has a very nice clean tone, looks great and has a pretty nice footswitch. If you look around you can usually find one for $400-500 or 300-400 euros.

Just don't plug it into a 220v outlet and blow it up like I did. Who the fuck puts a 220v plug in a modern living room...
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I would just go with Deluxe Reverb Reissue. They usually go for about that price in the used market.
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