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Mississippi Queen Full Band Cover

Please send feedback for our full band cover of Mississippi Queen cover.

Thanks much!
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I love Mountain, so was excited to hear this.

Then I heard it was downtuned :P

Its not bad, but I just don't like songs that are downtuned. The sound is pretty good, very hard/rock metalish. But man, you can't compare to Leslie West's lead tone, that's for sure.

I'm being overly critical here, your vocalist is pretty spot on, I enjoyed it!
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Beck - Sea Change
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Totally enjoyed it! Post more if you have any.
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thanks for the responses, @sea we detuned at the request of our singer, we didn't do it just to make it sound heavier and @fishbulb thanks, there may be more on the way
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hate to self bump this, but we're really close to 1000 views - please tell me what you think :P
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