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no propellers
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Mutt guitar project.

so a friend gave me this guitar a long time ago- theres no marking on it to distinct brand or anything like that, but i know it was pretty cheap- i was still greatful for a free guitar though. it played decently, and i decided to make a project guitar out of it. I recently bought a scalloped neck meant for a stratocaster for it since its pretty much a strat copy i thought it would work out well and fit decently nice. and it does... somewhat- Its a lot "taller" than the other neck. so I came up with the idea of putting a thin slab of wood to under the bridge because im afraid to sacrafice sanding down the neck or neck pocket because it may decrease stability of the neck. I would drill the appropriate holes in this "booster" plank for the bridge, and have it extend it past the bridge and drill a few extra screws into that, and sand it down to make it the perfect hieght to match up with the neck.
this sound plausible?

please keep in mind i really do not care about cosmetics.
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Just wondering... do you want to be able to hear this guitar when you plug it in? Putting the strings that high up will reduce the output and make it sound really thin.

I'd suggest just planing down the neck. It's not hard, just be careful, work in smooth, even strokes, and check how level it is/angles to the neck periodically and try to make corrections before you hit the level it needs to be at. I'd use a hand plane and then sand it down; it will probably yield a better result. If it ends up not being perfectly flat, just put a small cardboard shim underneath and it should help take care of any ricketyness or rattles produced.
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no propellers
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well, it appears that the neck isnt as high up as i suspected it would be. I may just need a tiny bit of neck planing though- so the bridge isnt out of whack when i have to adjust the saddle so high.

PS, my pickups have a lot of room for vertical adjustment, so they'll be fine.

So, here's new thoughts/ questions.
whats a good bridge for strats? this one's quite bad. I used to have a brass saddle bridge for a tele i used to have, i liked that a bit, but for this project i want something with loads of sustain.
and i'm going to replace the bridge position humbucker- something very smooth, but still with character and plenty of sustain, probably will be used when i want to throw on a good bit of gain. any suggestions?
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Jeffs Carrot
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Check out guitarfetish for cheap parts that are pretty nice

They sell all types of bridges that will fit any strat type, they also have the high mass sustain blocks there too which are fantastic.
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