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Beside Paradise
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Onboard Guitar Effects

Does anyone here have any experience with these? I'm talking about small circuits integrated into the guitars electronics for distortion and chorus effects. I have seen some for sale but they generally had poor reviews. I've only seen the one manufactured by "Guitar Fetish".

I am very interested in these, and any bypass circuits that may be used with them.

Any help is much appreciated!
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GrandMaster FunkMetal
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I realize I'm a bit late in answering, but it depends on the effect and the company. I have a ModBoard tremolo in one of my basses and it is an amazing effect. I imagine the chorus and flange would be nice as well. I'd probably stay away from distortion, though.
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Mr. Pickle
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theoretically speaking... you could toss any effect in there... the prob would be - given the ltd space... what one to go with?
I've built many fuzz faces, tubescreamers, etc and tossing them in the gtr wouldn't really be any dif than putting them in a box.
I built my own active eq... and have it being true bypassed via a 3pdt push/pull toggle. it would be a short jump to go from there to putting in a fuzz face.

afa commercial units... they are mostly digital and suck!

the 'black ice' mod board is nothing more than a cpl of clipping diodes. You could literally buy two 1n914 diodes... face them alternate to each other, replace your tone controls' capacitor with them and voilla. built in overdrive.
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