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Jesus Christ
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New Songs! Listen or be shot.

I've got two songs for now...

The first, a song called 'One Life'... I had a HELL of a time getting the sound I wanted and still having a dissectable mix... but it came out a bit sloppy. OH WELL, though, it's still nice. The verse vocals are done by Raayl, a guy from Chicago I've been collaborating with recently.

The second is a 'for fun' song I did in like 2 hours just because I was bored. It's nothing fancy, very simple. I'm posting it anyhow, just because it still has a neat sort of crescendo.

Tell me what you think! More on the way this weekend.
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Cats Under Car Hoods
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i usually don't like those kind of vocals but both songs kept me interested. the second one more so. all good stuff.
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First song was really nice. Personal preference: would have liked if the vocals were to the forefront slightly. Awesome quality as well.

"The End" was really nice too.
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Kick ***! I like it!
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excellent stuff, you can hear the ministry influences on the first one. but you made your own sound and i really dug both of them.
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