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Originally Posted by witchxrapist View Post
danke sir, and i know what you mean about the new age meditation generic ****, that can **** the **** off

your stuffs be mad interesting, fans are awesome for sampling, my one friend used them a lot for his black metal project lol

the dark ambient stuff i like currently is like tffni (noisy too), brenoritvrezorkre, and ildjarn

found this doc

Originally Posted by sweboy View Post
have you heard loren chasse (releases under that name and under "of"), it's not really strictly noise, it's very subdued organic and incorporates alot of field recordings and strange sounds - it's what the earth would sound like if the earth could sing
ill check it

Originally Posted by Insomniac20k View Post
That was the stupidest thing anyone has ever said. Good work.
i didnt say it i wrote it
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