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If the Seahawks played like they did yesterday, we're going to the Super Bowl. They probably won't, but it's fun to think about.

The key matchup is going to be whoever wins the battle of the weakest squads (Seattle WRs v SF secondary). If Wilson floats enough passes to Wilson/Tate they will be able to score points. Reid is our most competent member of the secondary, but a safety can't do much when every corner is either still developing (Brock), hurt (Culliver), or trash (Rogers, Brown). The trick here is getting penetration which New Orleans, a team that doesn't have a great defense, seemed able to do.

Some might point to the last 2 trips to Seattle (both ugly affairs) as an indication that this will be a blowout. That is possible, but the Niners have never been this complete in a game at Seattle. Having Boldin, Crabs, AND Davis is going to be huge for Colin and the rest of the offense.

As far as the AFC goes, the Broncos would be the best matchup. If it's the Patriots, either team would ANNIHILATE them.

Worth noting: the San Francisco defense hasn't allowed a 100 yd rusher all year. It will probably help having Ray McDonald the entire game (he got hurt in the 1st quarter in week 2)

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