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Not bad at all
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Whats up gentlemen??? Long time no talk. A tad bit depressing when I get into the forums and I see what had happened. Oh well. As long as it hasnt been taken over by a bunch of new people.

Big things have happened since I've last been here. (doubt anyone cares but oh well lol)
I posted a few months back that I proposed to my girlfriend. Well, in September we got married. Hard to imagine that it has been 2 months ago. Thats insane. It's been the best though. Im a new man now that I'm a married man.

I also a few days ago got accepted into a band with a beau coup of major connections. They are about a step or 2 away of being signed. He's been in some serious talks with some record companies and they want the band. Gots my fingers crossed for this one.

How's life been in this ghost town lately?
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