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Originally Posted by Consanguinity[/quote
Panthers vs Buccaneers W
Chiefs vs Browns W
Cowboys vs Lions L
49ers vs Jaguars W
Dolphins vs Patriots W
Bills vs Saints W
Giants vs Eagles L
Jets vs (Bengals) W
Steelers vs Raiders L
Falcons vs Cardinals L
Redskins vs Broncos W
Packers vs Vikings W
Seahawks vs Rams W
9-4 (63-43)


greenlinkinmuse tried to get up early and said, referring to my panthers pick he assumed was late,

Originally Posted by greenlinkinmuse
We can't count that
But you have to get up pretty damn early to pull one on me good chap*. For I had already posted at 8 AM Thursday morning my pick for the Panthers.

Originally Posted by Consanguinity
OWNED dear sir!

*If you wanted to outfox the old fox today, the old fox got up at 2:45 am sharp this morning. I have spent my day going to see my psychiatrist; starting my reading of Kant's Groundwork; a book about how Christianity's folklore is based largely on Celtic and Indo-European mythology; writing a list of basic Czech phrases; continued a book by Thomas Sowell I started just a day or two ago, had a capo arrive in the mail today and I promptly, after sorting through some pennies I picked up at the bank and finding a very sharp(!) 1971-S penny I consider as being worth as much as 50 cents or more, I took my 1994 Montana guitar tuned to D, which was in fact sharp, placed the capo at the first fret and jammed to Alice in Chain's Unplugged. I spent quality time with my cat and now I'm here to tell people who couldn't give two freaking shits about it.

Basically, like I started off by saying, I'm insane.
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