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Originally Posted by Jesuslaves View Post

This whole 'don't post non-music lists' thing is so much horseshit. Yeah, the world's gonna crack into pieces because I want to discuss something other than music on the review site (since it's completely isolated from the very inaccessible forums). Really, who gives a fuck? Who? Who the fuck is offended or disgusted by something other than music being discussed on the reviews site. Unbelievable.
Use the General Discussion/Pit forum on mx. This is a music website. We give a ton of leeway with lists... if you make a modicum of effort to include music on your list 99% of the time we will let it stand because who cares. If you don't bother to include any music content or are offensively blatant about the inappropriateness of your list on a music website, I will regretfully nuke your endeavour. We're not big meanies; it's a music website not facebook. Lists appear on the front page and are seen by all comers. We don't let you review your breakfast or math teacher either so let's be reasonable.
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