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1_William Basinski_The Disintegration Loops I
2_William Basinski_The Disintegration Loops II
3_William Basinski_The Disintegration Loops III
4_Kayo Dot_Choirs of the Eye
5_William Basinski_The Disintegration Loops IV
6_Stars of the Lid_And Their Refinement of the Decline
7_Radiohead_Kid A
8_Modest Mouse_The Moon and Antarctica
9_Animal Collective_Strawberry Jam
10_Immolation_Close to a World Below

DFel Edit: There should not be underscores between the words in the artist name. Only between rank and artist name and then artist name and album name. Please edit or else you votes will not be counted.

k think i got it, but give it a check anyways. thanks.

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