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Users Top Albums of the Decade Submission Thread

Listen up mouthbreathers. You are going to have your own list! Submissions are going to be very hardline. You need to follow the directions below exactly or else your votes will not be counted. The nature of soundoffs will be determined later and will be organized by the site contributors (contributors feel free to step up and take the baton on this one).

  • Every user can submit his/her top 10 albums.
  • Staff who contributed to the staff feature are not eligible.
  • Each list of 10 albums must be ordered.
  • Lists are due Sunday, June 27 at 11:59 pm PDT.
  • Only albums released from 2000-2009 are eligible.
  • Only LPs are eligible (no EPs, singles, reissues, live albums, etc.). Albums of ambiguous length / status (e.g. Ghastly City Sleep's Ghastly City Sleep) may be included.
  • Artist and album names must follow the following capitalization conventions: If something is ambiguous please just use whatever capitalization is in the Sputnikmusic database.
  • Make sure that you artist / album names are the same as in the database. For example, your artist name should be "Deftones" not "The Deftones."
  • Lists must follow the naming convention Rank_Artist Name_Album Name (see the example below of my personal list converted into this format - note there is no period after your rank number and no spaces next to any one underscore)
  • This thread is for submissions only. Users who want to discuss the music or people's lists can redirect their conversations to the review site (review pages or list comments). Users who want to discuss the process of organizing this feature (e.g. writing sound offs), please hold off conversation until contributors create an organizational thread.

Example List
1_Dredg_El Cielo
2_Glassjaw_Worship and Tribute
3_Gospel_The Moon Is a Dead World
4_Thrice_The Illusion of Safety
5_Kayo Dot_Choirs of the Eye
6_Deftones_White Pony
7_Circle Takes the Square_As the Roots Undo
9_Deltron 3030_Deltron 3030
10_Have a Nice Life_Deathconsciousness

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