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Originally Posted by horseman View Post
have you dropped it or bumped it the wrong way? because so many times ive had it standing up and knocked it over and theres some switch that in the back that as soon as it loses contact it resets everything back to factory settings. so now i have it kept on the basic ringtones and **** because im sick of changing it back all the time

and i get heaps poopty reception with it, although that is most likely a problem with the carrier not the phone. but it takes like 10 minutes for it to let me send a message after ive turned it on
i hate it

I've had none of those issues with mine, the only thing I can think of thats a bit annoying is when I plug it in to be charged it takes awhile to realise that its been plugged in.

I'll bear what you've said in mind though and try to avoid dropping it etc..
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