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Last I heard it was not if but when as regards Argentina joining the Tri-Nations, but yeah they'll be lucky to notch up many wins in it.
There's all sorts of shenanigans going on with SANZAR at the moment. For a while it looked like Argentina was a shoe in, but currently it looks like the most likely non-Tri-Nations candidate is some weird Japanese-expat amalgam.

Thing is they're kind of in a grey area, because they'd likely dominate most of the Super rugby teams, at least if they were fielding their 2007 RWC side which obviously they wouldn't be, but still.
All of Argentina's best players play in Europe and I can't see them being enticed back from their million dollar contracts by a relatively poor barely professional union; I think we can assume Argentina wouldn't be fielding its 2007 RWC team.

Very tough to find the right place to play teams who are a cut above domestic fair but a cut below the international heavyweights. Maybe there should be the old 5 nations and then 5 Other Nations or something.
Yeah I was trying to think who'd be in it. Italy, Argentina (who would probably dominate), Japan, Tonga and Samoa?

Totally looking forward to Ireland v Wales, that'll be (literally) the match of the tournament.
Should be a cracker. Go Wales.
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