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Phil is a good coach. I saw Red Auerbach on SC last night and he said Phil is good, but has always picked his spots. He said back in the day, he didn't pick his spots. And that's the difference between him and Phil. He's always talking crap. And Red has been a Celtic all his life. I would say that is picking your spot, as well. Phil takes shaky teams and cultivates their potential. And some great players and teams have come out of it. Would Micheal of been the exact same player without Phil? The Bulls the same team? Nope. Same goes for Kobe and the Lakers. And now he's back for another challenge. My hat is off to him.

The Lakers won a game last night that last season they would of certainly lost. That's Phil at work.

EDIT: LeBron James is the new Micheal. If not exactly.
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