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Knicks look very good right now. The team looks like they are playing together and are playing energetically. I haven't seen that in 5-6 years from them. They're only up by 3 but I'm impressed. Hustling on defense, making the extra pass on offense, Brown seems to have made a strong impression on them.

Edit- Nate Robinson's in
I'm a big Nate Robinson fan.

Eddie Curry is only 4/10 on free throws, but he's been very impressive besides that, good on defense and much better hustle on rebounds than he was showing last year. He's scoring a lot down low even with the missed free throws. (12 points)

Wow Robinson is fast. That was an awesome pass to Curry for the dunk. Great teamwork. Knicks are really gelling tonight.

Woah. Nate has a 48 inch vertical jump. Wish I could jump like that. Hell I'd be happy if I could jump more than 3 inches.

Edit 2- Wow that shot by Marbury at the half-time buzzer was awesome. 53-52 at halftime. Pierce is carrying the Celtics with 21 points.

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