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DatsNotDaMetulz 04-07-2013 09:14 PM

Thinking of tampering with my crappy old first guitar
I'm completely new to this whole thing and know next to nothing about it, but I'm thinking of trying to customize my old Westfield E1000 (red/black if anyone cares) - or at least getting someone I know that's competent with this sort of thing to do it - with new machine heads and a new bridge to make it hold its tuning for once, and maybe new pickups later down the line to improve sound when I have the money for it (right now my ESP AX-50 and potentially Schecter Omen 7 will suffice). But I have no idea where to start when looking for them - all I know if Tune-O-Matic bridges are generally decent although I have no idea if that'll be compatible with the Westfield. Any ideas where I should start with this?

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