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etom 12-09-2012 12:03 AM

Velcro Hooks from Bristol, England: postpunk ironic slacker shoegaze
Newish band out of Bristol. Love to hear some reviews on here.

A couple of vids:



Wasabi Colonel and Love Song to TS Eliot might be their better songs:



a sampling of reviews from other places:

“Prepare to be hooked by these stunning new Bristol rockers, who mix ferocious Pixies-style grunge with Jenner Blank’s unique wildman delivery. Chaotic, insane, dangerous and utterly brilliant—you’ll be stuck to Velcro after one listen. 10/10.” —The Daily Star (London)

“Heavy and hectic, but deeply melodic, ‘Gymnophoria’ is a triumph for the kick-started UK alternative scene. One of the debuts of the year . . . seven tracks of blistering post-punk indie, grungy noise pop and borderline post hardcore. 5/5” —AAA Music

“Let me tell you this right now: If Velcro Hooks were American they would already be massive . . . the perfect mix of melodies, hooks, edge, quirk, snarl and swagger which they serve up on a thin plate that teeters dangerously on the line between the perfect rock’n’roll song and utter, shambolic chaos. Velcro Hooks are the buzz band in Bristol right now and are something of a find . . .” —Listen With Monger

“’Gymnophoria’ . . . it just so happens that the songs are some of the best
you will this year. —AltSounds

" . . . a band you SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE IN YOUR LIFE. And we don't write in caps lock very often, so we really mean it." —Artrocker

" . . . the most urgent and accurately raw recording that you will hear this year . . ." —Abacus Post

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