View Full Version : Problems with cool edit pro2 please look here

08-24-2003, 10:56 AM
well, i was recording a song on cool edit pro2. everything was going fine until i started laying down the lyrics. i recorded the lyrics and then when i played it back the lyrics were all fuzzy and it was like the music was distorting the lyrics and the lyrics were distorting the music..... can anyone help me fix this problem please? thanx!

08-26-2003, 06:50 AM
anyone? please help!!!!!!

08-26-2003, 11:56 AM
It sounds like the mic was clipping.

I'm not positive on how to fix that, just try to keep things to the lowest volume as you can, but still sound good.

What kind of mic do you use to record?

08-26-2003, 04:52 PM
i use a sony f-v120 mic. not a real expensive one.

09-04-2005, 05:26 AM