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03-30-2008, 01:24 PM
Peavey Grind NTB 2005

List Price: $500
Price Paid: $400 (Converted from old Canadian Dollar)
URL: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-Grind-Bass-4-BXP-NTB-Electric-Bass-Guitar?sku=511363 Closest to my model.

My bass playing experience is nearing 4 years of playing and about 5 months of playing with a prog-metal band similar to Protest the Hero in playing style. I have one 50W amp (Peavey Minx 110) and a Boss GT-6B effects board. I use mainly finger and tap techniques but love to slap sometimes.

I have had this bass for 3 years, thought because I may buy a new bass (Warwick, Tobias or Spector) I should give this one a review.

-Imbuya wings
-Neck-through Mahogany/Maple laminated neck
-Passive Soapbar picks with passive Vol/Vol/Tone/Treble EQ
-Black Hardware
-String Through
-Natural Finish
-35" Scale
-24 frets

Looks and Finish: 4/5
The bass has a nice, expensive look with the laminated neck but the biggest problem was the finish and the really long top horn. The top horn makes it look a bit awkward when you look at it and also interferes with playability. The finish was okay, but nothing more, there were drip marks where the stain built up and is visible close up, minor problem. When you look at where the neck meets the body you can see that it is kind of off centre; there is more mahogany showing on one side than the other. The side dots are cool but sometimes throw me off when tapping because you finger gets in the way of them. One of the side dots fell off so I had to glue it back into place

Tone: 3.5/5
The tone on this sucker is good but the thing is: there is really one tone that I find actually sounds useful. The other tones are muddy and too bassy. You need to use a bit more treble with this bass and you get a great tapping and finger style sound. The one sound I use is great and really thunders when you have it, the other sounds are just dull and the mids and treble are just a bit too washed out for me. The control cavity was also soldered with leadless solder so some of the wires may come loose, they did for me.

Setup: 3.5/5
This is a generous number for the bass. I have many difficulties with intonation and have no idea how to intonate the bridge (those little single string ones). The action was a bit high when I got it and lowered it too much (oops) and now have raised it to a good height but am still getting some buzzing from the frets. The neck was bowed when I got it, too. A month ago I tried putting medium gauge (.050-.105) strings on the bass but found out the neck was too weak and bowed by a lot making the playability almost impossible, waste of $20. I fixed the problems and now it plays pretty well. No problems with pickup height.

Playability: 4/5
After setting my bass up this is a dream to play considering the super fast neck and smooth transition from Head-neck-body it is quite easy to reach all 24 frets. The body has a big top horn and can interfere with you playing if you are tapping near the headstock. The sustain on the bass is so long and the fretboard is quite fast. The bridge pickup's screws mysteriously continue to move upwards and my fingernails get caught in them sometimes, really painful and it slows you down during fast playing causing you to miss a beat or two. It is quite hard to hit the pickup with the string when slapping and is thick enough to allow you to rest your ring finger on the bottom if you need to use a thumb while playing. The fingerboard seems to be unleveled and warps a bit, but it is barely noticeable.

Value: 4.5/5
This would make a great backup bass for anyone that plays a fast style of playing, all you need is a good set up and you are good. As a front bass I haven't had any major failures yet and should be good for a beginning active musician playing gigs. For the unsuspecting beginners this bass is great, but you NEED to get it set up or it will become a liability to play.

Overall: 4/5
This bass is pretty good considering its low price and Indonesian origin. If you need a back up bass that is fast and easy to play, get this and invest/get it set up.

First review (constructive criticism would be great.) And if you know how to intonate the bridge that would be great!

04-03-2008, 10:29 AM
To be honest, I think you landed a lemon. My Peavey grind was one of the best basses I've ever owned, and I didn't have any of the issues you had.

04-19-2008, 07:37 AM
Yeah, my neck wood is also warping. I don't have it in a humid place, mine just sucks. I got a Warwick Thumb Neck Through, so I will put a review up for it in a week or two.

08-17-2008, 04:59 AM
I agree with the Almighty Pancake it's a great bass and I haven't any problems with it.