View Full Version : Pork Pie 13x7 Vented Little Squealer

Mr Pink
01-15-2008, 08:54 AM
I love this drum.
At 13x7 it has plenty of low end with attitude. Maple shell produces a great, loud crack with out the thin sound a less shell produces. I have not stopped to count but I believe there are 30 or so vent size holes on the shell which is finished in black satin, with matching black lugs and rims. Also the price on this snare is VERY reasonable considering the quality and build of the drum. It comes stock with a coated ambassador top and ambassador snare reso. Guitar Center carries them for $249.00.
The sound is crisp and focused as is to be expected with the venting, and the feel is great. Very responsive and all volumes of playing.

Rated by ME as 9/10.