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06-11-2007, 01:44 PM
I am reviewing the Vintage V940 active 4 string bass.

This was the second ever bass I bought, it was in pretty good condition when I got it, ex demo, and when I played it in the shop my initial thought was, oh my god this thing sounds so nice! I had played the fretless version of this a few times before and it's very fast.

I went and saved up for 2 weeks, and got it knocked down from £250 to £200.

The medium guage strings that it came with were perfect for the shape and size of it. The slap tone was punchy and full of deep tones, not my favorite tone, I prefer a light, mid-deep tone. So I changed the strings fairly fast.

The body is tiny. It fits into an electric guitar case, you could be mistaken by thinking that it's a small scale bass, but you'd be wrong, it's a full 34" scale bass, with 24 frets. The Bubinga wood finish is gorgeous. I can honestly not say a bad thing about it!

I haven't changed the battery yet, it's been almost a year since I've bought it, and if I work it out, roughly 6 hours per day playing it, solidly, 3 months in total. The Wilkinson split coil pickups have been the most economical out of all of my active bass's.

Frets have hardily any fret-wear, at all. And I've dropped the damn thing a fair old few times, even drunkenly fell over and landed on the neck! It's fine, haven't even had to set it up. It has a bolt on neck so if something were to happen to it, I could easily get it replaced. But as it's so cheap I could just get a whole new one.

The black hardware is very sexy, goes well with the brown-ness of the body and neck.
Body and neck are perfectly balanced, but for its size it's a bit hefty.

Looks: 8/10 – Small, compact little bass, can't get much better than this.
Playability: 7/10 – Pickup placement is different to say, the Yamaha RBX series bass's, which I play just as often, and several people who play on the pickups find it hard to get used to. But it's fast and smooth.
Sound: 9/10 – This is a great all round bass, and for the price, it's better than anything on the same budget. You can opt for the fretless, which is equally as nice, if not better! Get a pro to set it up and it'll sound better than anything you've heard. The active preamp allows you to get the balance of treble and bass you want.
Price: 10/10 – This bass can be bought on AMAZON. Cheap as you like. Best bass I own, I swear by it.


* Body: Bubinga
* Neck: Maple – Bolt On
* Fingerboard: Rosewood
* Scale: 34"/864mm
* Frets: 24
* Neck Inlays: Pearloid Dot
* Tuners: Wilkinson® WJB150
* Bridge: Adjustable /Raised Tail
* Pickups: Wilkinson® Split Coil x 1/ JZ x 1
* (M)WPBE500 (B)WPBE900
* Hardware: Black
* Controls: 1 x Volume/ 1 x Balance/ Active EQ/ Bass/ Treble

(sorry about retarded picture)