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02-14-2007, 10:20 AM

Tone: This bass has a P/J configuration, and it really does exactly what you'd expect. It's in the ball park of the P and J sounds. It's nothing too fancy. The V/V/T controls do very well, and I prefer them to V/B/T.

Electronics: I've had a little beef with the pickups and jack since I've had this bass. The P pickup on the bass side only had a a small piece of foam under it keeping it level. It was really less than a 1/4" thick. This caused the pickup to sink into the bass and leave me unable to ancor my thumb, as well as causing volume issues. There is quite a bit of hiss from the passive electronics, and if you walk anywhere with the bass it will crackle. I'm guessing the input jack has some issues. (I tested it with multiple amps and chords.) The electronics themselves function fine, but it could be better shielded and better quality. Typical low-end stuff here.

Hardware: The bridge is sturdy, as are the knobs. I have not had to adjust the bridge yet, so I can't commit on its fuctionality, but it does what its supposed to for now. The tuners seem to slip a bit, and I don't think the gears are terribly strong, seeing as how they came loose once while I was putting on new strings. I'll through the truss rod into this catagory as well, it adjusts well.

Playability: This is where the bass excells. The joint is bolt on, and the heel is pretty average, but it gives you decent upper fret access. The satin finish on the neck is awesome, and it exceeded my expectations with a beginner bass. The frets are levelled and true, and the neck does not seem to have any issues at all. I'm not sure what the body of the bass is made of (I'd guess basswood), but it is extremely light. I can't see anyone having a problem with this bass on their back.

Overall: Despite the flaws I mentioned, if you have 30-60 minutes time you can fix just about everything. I fixed the P pup, but haven't gotten around to shielding the compartment yet or looking at the jack. I think this bass is well worth the price, and despite the cheap tone it spits out, I want to say this is well worth upgrading. Probably the best beginner bass I've played.


02-14-2007, 10:24 AM
An active OLP? Sine it's V/V/T I assume that was a mistake?

02-14-2007, 10:25 AM
Typo. Didn't mean to do that at all.