View Full Version : Free and simple slides from a long neck.

06-20-2006, 07:04 PM
Alright I bet most of you would get the idea of making a slid for which ever instrument you use.

One thing I made from a beer bottle (St. Paula Girl in fact!) was a slide.

Quiet simple the task is.

First, Wrap the big wide end of the bottle up in a cloth or duct tape and make sure the neck is sticking out. You want to wrap it up so the glass will be in one place come part 2.

Secondly, with a rock or hammer hit dead center the big section of this beer bottle, and dispose of the glass.

And now with the neck grind down the broken end until you feel safe with the dullness.

I find that only my ring would hit through bottle hole, and if you put in too far it becomes a hassle to take off. But it should work perfectly.

Discuss different types of slides you make for everyday objects.

06-20-2006, 07:37 PM
I made one in machine shop, sort of. Took a piece of brass I had from last year, had a hole in it. Drill a bigger hole with a lathe, turned down the brass a little. Found out I didn't have it big enough for my finger so I took a drill press and finished it off. Then I took some emery cloth and sanded it smooth. It was free for me anyhow and it's a custom. I love it alot, pretty heavy but great sound and sustain.