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11-28-2005, 11:14 PM
Fender BXR 60 1x12in
$175 used
I don't know the official specs so I'll take an experienced guess.

Features: 4\5 (no DI out and TAPE IN jacks are dated. You will need an adaptor piece from radioshack to play along)
2 Inputs (both passive)
4 Band EQ (LOW, low mid, high mid, High)
mid notch button (warms the signal)
TAPE IN (unaffected input) jack
Pre-amp out jack
power amp in jack
headphone jack
line out jack

I consider anything less than 200watts a practice\small gig amp. It does the job very very well. The mid-notch button is great for adding warmth to a sterile tone. Although I bought it used (which is the way to go for those of us without rich parents and big banks) everything worked properly. The TAPE in is a great feature that allows you to listen to something without it being EQ'd through the preamp and whatnot.. The jacks aren't very popular anymore so you will have to swing by radio shack to get an adaptor. This allows you to playalong to any tracks hearing both the track and bass out of the amp.

Sound: 3/5

Judging tone is like judging women. Its 100% opinion. Angeleina Jolie is my dream woman. Yours may be Britney Spears, Halle Berry or Whoopie Goldberg. Its difficult for me to judge the tone but I'll make an attempt. You can dial quite a few different tones just using the eq and mid notch button. I don't play without the mid notch on. It is great for warming up the lighter gauge strings (d, g, c) and adds depth to the E and A strings. I'm sure this amp can handle the low B string but I haven't put a 5 string through it to test it out. 4 band EQ is great for tweaking the sound. Without the mid notch, I'm pretty sure the tone you get is 100% from your bass. This can be a good thing or bad thing depending on how much you like your bass's tone. THe amp gives off a hiss when the treble is cranked up. THe preamp out is a great feature but also hisses when running directly into a recording device.

RELIABILITY: Well I have pushed this baby to the max at times. Sounds good and works well.. I've had it for about 5 months.

Because of the low hissing noises, it is not for recording direct. mic the amp and you will be okay. I appreciate the tones I get out of this amp. It fits any jazz, alt rock, blues and funk style. For $170, it is a great practice amp and has a variety of tones that are waiting to be dialed in. You can't get too much for $170 so as always, my advice is to go used.


12-23-2005, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the review. I have the "Rumble" version which is almost exactly like you described, and also at 60 watts, so I really can't see much difference.