View Full Version : DiMarzio Will Power Middle Pickup for P-Bass.

11-25-2005, 10:18 PM
Company: DiMarzio

Product: Will Power Middle Pickup for P-Bass.
Here is the pickups on Music123.com

Price:$59.99 USD

What pros use these: The one and only Billy Sheehan.

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Now heres the review,

-Qualilty- 5/5

For the price these are deffinately worth $60. They sound great and are easy to install.

-Sound- 4/5

I love the sound of these pickups. If you want low bass and boosted mids you got it, and if you want some nice gritty treble these are the way to go. I am able to get a trebly Tool sound and a nice bassy Soundgarden sound. The only reason I gave the sound a 4 is because they get pretty bad hum if using alot of treble.

-Overall- 5/5

Well overall I would have to say that these are the best $60 bucks that I have ever spent in my whole life. I put these pickups in my Fender MIM Standard Precision bass. The pickups made this bass sound like a whole new bass, for a very cheap price. I would highly recomend these pickups to anyone wanting a new set of great pickups.

There ya'll go.
I hope ya'll like it.