View Full Version : The Hoedown in the Hood

10-30-2005, 03:04 PM
Its on!!

The Hood came to the Wood and made a classic album. Now the wood is going to the hood to take it to the stage at the home of the funk Plainfield New Jersey. We are pleased to finally confirm the date for the show - Chez Marie, Plainfield, Friday 18th November. PTheory will debut songs from their new album "From the Hood to the Wood" with their incredible front man funk legend Kevin Goins.

This is not to be missed for all you east coast maggots. Kevin has left a message for telling you whats going on here. http://ptheory.co.uk/downloads

You can hear samples about the album here

You can read about how it happened here

You can see videos of the recording sessions here

You can see the photos of the album sessions here
See you on the 18th, this is what you said you wanted so we're bringing it home.

One Love