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10-28-2005, 05:12 PM
As promised, here's the Wolfbrigade thread.


Wolfbrigade is furious, hard-hitting D-beat/crust from Sweden. Wolfbrigade, formerly known as Wolfpack, changed their name after finding out about a nazi biker gang under the same name. They released several amazing LP's, a 10", and a couple 7"s, including a split with the ledgendary Skitsystem. Just as they started to record the "A D-Beat Odyssey" LP and prepare to tour in America, their vocalist started randomly losing his voice during sessions. As it turns out, his voice problems were due to a tumor in his throat, which lead to Poffen on Totalitar lending his vocals on that amazing album, which was also their last due to the tumor problem. A few layers below the brutal crust assault is an underlying Motorhead sort of groove that gives the music a certain gritty drive.

Recommended Tracks:

Feelings You Don't Want To Feel
Chemical Straight Jacket
Realisation Av Valfarden
Outlaw Vagabond
How Will You Find Your Peace


Bloodstained Dreams MCD (Distortion 1995)
A New Dawn Fades CD (Distortion 1996)
Hellhound Warpig 7" (Distortion 1997)
Lychantro Punk CD/LP (Distortion 1997)
Split 7" with SKITSYSTEM (Distortion 1998)
Allday Hell LP (Farwell / Anomie 1999)
Split 7" with AUDIO KOLLAPSE (Epistrophy 2001)
Progression / Regression Picture LP (Farwell 2001)
Progression / Regression CD (Havoc 2002)
Wolfpack Years 10" (Farwell 2003)
In Darkness You Feel No Regrets LP (Feral Ward 2003)
A D-Beat Odyssey LP (Havoc 2004)


"Archetype of Society" MP3 (http://www.havocrex.com/ftp/Wolfbrigade%20-%20Progression%20regression%20-%2008%20-%20Track%20%208.mp3)

That's the only MP3 I could find. Most stuff is a bit faster.

Another band thread from me, Andy Subvert. Expect more, probably another tonight.

D1ck Cheney's D1ck
10-28-2005, 08:31 PM
Wolfbrigade= sex.

Nice thread.

10-28-2005, 11:59 PM
I'll check them out. I pretty much like everything you're into, so I'll like them.

Great Thread. Finally a good thread without a retarded name with a song of the bands.

10-29-2005, 01:42 PM
I love this band so much.
I got progression//regression last week, i think the production could be a hell of a lot better, as in the guitars have no presence at all.