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10-25-2005, 08:47 AM
m (http://www.drumwright.co.uk/pages/kits_detail.asp?F_ProductID=3449)

i am hoping to purchase a new kit. this is in my price range and i have heard it been played and i am happy. but do you guys think i may be missing out? or is this a good buy?

also what are the advantages of Maple/Birch kits?

Der Meister
10-25-2005, 08:54 AM
I have the older maple/basswood version and I love it. No major flaws with it.

The best competition to the Mapex M is the 2005 which is also 100% birch, but I'd take the M as you get a free 8" tom.

There was a huge disscussion on maple and birch in the advanced forum a few months back and prif. sound has some stuff on woods. But to be honest, if you can tune, you can make a kit sound how you want.

10-25-2005, 03:13 PM
i can tune. cheers man. i will look into that. and rik mayel is the man hehe

10-25-2005, 04:49 PM
i'd say that thats probably the best in that price range. i've never had the pleasure of playing a mapex M/pro M, but their reputation is pretty damn good.

10-25-2005, 05:59 PM
Great kits, both of them.

the web page you linked to doesn't look so trustworthy though.... first of all they label the set as "The Mapex M Maple/Birch" .... well, the M maple is one set, made of: maple.... and the M Birch is another set, made of: you guessed it.... BIRCH! .... there is no such thing as an M maple/birch .... Also, they link to a web page called maplexdrums.com .... well it's not maplex, it's MAPEX ...

I'm actually going to buy an M Birch as soon as I get some more money (just spent over a grand on cymbals and a new double kicker :p )
Anyways, just be sure you get the difference between those two sets, that web page has it all wrong...

10-25-2005, 06:15 PM
i played a poorly tuned pro m in NY. it sounded pretty good, but man... those toms were cranked

Double Bass Jim
10-25-2005, 08:46 PM
Love em... Mapex makes some really top notch stuff. The M's are fantastic.

10-25-2005, 10:14 PM
^ That they are. I would certainly look into that kit further.

Half Life
10-25-2005, 11:02 PM
Definitely go for the M if that is in your price range. Mapex makes GREAT drums and I can attest to the quality. I was planning on getting an M Birch kit but I scored a really great deal on my Pro M's, so I got those instead. Even so, I was able to play on a few different M kits at my (shop) and they were all superbly constructed and looked great and sounded heavenly. Let me state an apology to the masses here on MX who have already seen my kit ten trillion times, but threadstarter, this is my Pro M in case you want to see one someone actually owns...


The kit's quality speaks for itself :thumb:

10-26-2005, 08:03 AM
yeah cheers guys. nice kit too. that website isnt where i am purchising it. its just the website im getting it from is down. although i have ordered once from there. came within 3 days..not too bad

maplex lol

11-01-2005, 10:27 AM
Glad to see this thread. I needed a little bit of a second/third opinion on the M kit I'm getting at Christmas. Thanks guys.

11-01-2005, 04:58 PM
no problem then:)

11-01-2005, 05:12 PM
save up for a 3005 ;)