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10-22-2005, 07:46 PM
Price-$400 usd

Construction 4/5- this bass is a really solid bass with a very nice feel. i had a little trouble with the wiring when i first got it, but i tweaked it and now it works just fine. the body is nice and light...its really thin...much more comfortable than a larger body like a Fender P. The neck is magical..theres no other way to describe it..it practily plays itself.

Features 5/5-this bass features active electronics, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob, eq with high and low (no mid) and a pickup blender...passive pickups (1p 1jazz), 24 frets...the active eq is uber cool...i ran this bass through my church's house system via direct imput and it sounded great.

Sound 5/5- 2 words...tonal versitility...the sound is absolutely amazing...it has a very distinct sound that i have not heard out of any other bass...its really cool...this bass sounds fantastic when slapped and popped or played with a pick...note: do not be mislead by the split coil p-pickup, this bass sounds nothing like a Fender p bass,IMO the p bass sound is dull and this bass' sound has more "flavor"

I didnt have to deal with ibanez's customer service, but i have heard that they are very good

Overal 5/5- besides me having to do some very extreemly minor wire moving around (mostly just pushing on wire connections to make sure their nice and tight) this bass is by far the best for the money, i would pay much more for a bass like this...but i didnt:D ...so if your looking for a bass around the $400 usd area...buy this bass!

10-22-2005, 09:26 PM
i have this bass in the natural amber color, and can assure everything he says is correct.

the neck is great, the pickups give you a ton of options. the P is real phat n punchy. the jazz is nice n smooth. together, or in combinations iwht the tone knob, you can unleash a palet of pleasurable tones.

the body is very light, so playing it standing up for nearly an hour or two is no problem.

so yes, for the money, this is one hell of a bass. often overlooked due to price or assumption on ibanez and their lower quality basses, but this bass is definately worth every penny and then some.

definately not disappointed to have bought this bass.

ill review my yorkville xs800h and avatar b212 neo in teh near future.

11-06-2005, 12:43 PM
i have the 506 and i have to say the SR series is the best bargain you're going to get if you're not willing to go over 1000...although some say they'd pay that amount for the 506..definetly worth every penny and more