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10-22-2005, 10:41 AM
Please note that this is a review of the Zoom 708, and not the 708II. The two are often confused. :thumb:


MSRP: £120

Price Paid: £80 from Ebay

Entry level effects processor.

Ah, my poor Zoom.

As an effects processor, it is not bad. As usual, most of the presets are poor, and though it's not as versatile as higher level units, it can get a fair few sounds if you're willing to tweak it. It does feature an inbuilt drum machine, with loops from a variety of styles, which can be set to any tempo you like, which is a handy feature for solo practising. Unlike most multi-effects units, it can be run off AA batteries - but I wouldn't advise it. At home, you'd get through too many, and live there's no way I'd trust it with batteries unless I had to.

Due to its compact nature, it doesn't have seperate switches for each effect. For instance, with my Boss GT-6B (review (http://www.musicianforums.com/forums/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=405679)) You can turn the one effect on or off within a given patch - without affecting the other effects - with just one tap of the foot. With the Zoom, you can switch patches with your foot, but if you want more than that you're going to have to bend down and fiddle.

My main complaint with this pedal, however, has to be its build quality. The input or output jack coming lose and losing signal seems to be a VERY common complaint. The unit is made from plastic, and I never felt entirely comfortable switching it with my foot. On mine, the output jack stopped working entirely in the middle of a practise, and in frustration, I kicked it. Unfortunately, due to its lightweight plastic construction, this only made matters worse, and the circuitboard around the power supply shattered.

Amazingly, I did manage to get it working again. For a bit. Using a hacksaw.

+ Cheap
+ Not bad sounding
+ Has a basic drum machine

- Fragile
- Not hugely versatile

Basically, it's not bad as a beginner's multi-effects unit, but it's certainly not suitable for tone-freaks or more experienced players. I wouldn't bother with it.