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08-24-2005, 08:17 PM
I order this bass and with in a few days it arrived.
*pics to be inserted here ASAP*

Price: US$130 ($145 with standard shipping)
Specs: Jazz style Alder body
2 open coil J-Pickups
two volume and one tone knob
Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard and dot inlays
Scale length is 34"

Looks: 4.5/5
i have it in "Lake Placid Blue" which is basicly light blue. the pics on there sight dont quite capture the finish. the neck is quite impressive its fully laquered(sp?) i beleive. there is a slight flame to it, which is more visibl;e in some places than others. there is however 1 small knot, when i say small i mean it. its probably about 2-3 mm. the fretboard is nice. not overly impressive tho. but the markers are really cool looking. they.ve got a real nice ranbowish swirl to them. my biggest grip: the head stock. its just ugly! but i can deal with that.

Setup: 2/5
the setup is quite bad on theese. but i expected that considering the price. action itself was pretty good buzzed on the upper most frets. the truss rod is an absolute bitch to work with. it requires your to remove the string tree and the strings. it does allow the k ey to fit in quite right and was very difficult to turn. its set up OK now but i have to wait to see how much it shifts over the next few days.came completely out tune. the intonation was only a little off except with the D string which was way outwhack.

Feel/Playability: before setup 1.5/5 after setup 3.5/5
i love the feel of this neck!!! a lil fat so it feels sturdy but not huge. the string spacing is great for my pick/chordal struming and fingerstyle playing but to close for my likings when it come to slap. im not much of a tapper but i suppose with the action just a bit lower it be great for that. unfurtunatly it does not postion very well when seated. but is finw whilst standing.

Hardware: 2.5/5
by no means impressive but good enuff to h\get the job done. the truss is the worst part. the bridge has no grooves for the saddle to sit in so if your not careful the can move when u restring or severely detune. the tuners seem to hold tune ok but are pretty easy to bump out place, but are a lil hard to turn which i found odd (considering thoose statments seem to contradict themself) ill probably grease em up a little.

Tone: 4/5
i was pleasantly suprised at the tone. the tone knob does more than on any MIM jazz ive played. it also gets more bassy than a MIM j but not the p imo.(MIM owner dont kill me pwease) however it does not have as much growl as id like. im using this bass as to create my own. i was planning on new pups and and pots but upon hearing it ill only have to add the MM style Pup and a pot for that.

Value: 4/5 but would be a 5/5 if u sprung for a prosetup.
at this price u cant go wrong. great for a beginner or as a beater bass. or even a project/mod bass. bass+shipping+setup would come in under the price of a squire 5er at a quality that IMO would compete with a MIM (not beat but compete)

Overall: 3.5/5
great buy im happy.

08-24-2005, 10:51 PM
thx for review man. I'm bidding on an sx right now on ebay with dimarzio's in them. I'd prefer duncans but hey.. can't have everything in life

09-18-2005, 04:18 AM
I'd like to add a secondary review

I have the same lake placid and controls are the same so I won't bother writing those up

Setup: 3.5/5

Their setups are often complained about but I didn't have much trouble with mine. I made a small truss rod adjustment and lowered the neck pickup just a tad and I was set. The intonation was perfect luckily so I didn't have to mess with that

Feel/Playability: before setup 2.5/5 after setup 3.5/5

The neck feels very small compared to other fiver's because it's really just a 4+1 and not a true 5. The finish on the neck was very even. No humps that I have found so far. No knots on mine but not much grain shows through either. It's not as smooth as I like my necks to be but at the same time my hand doesn't making screaching sounds as I move up and down the neck quickly. Ther fret board is a little nicer IMO than the MIM Fenders. As stated in the other review it does feel uncofortable to to play sitting down but when standing there are no issues. I like the tight string spacing on it. Very easy for fingerstyle playing and since it was my first 5 I think it made the transition smoother as well. It takes a little getting used to but it is useable for slap. I can tap on it also but it's not comfortable at all even with the narrow spacing. I'm also used to tapping on my Warwick Thumb though, so I may just need to put in some more time with it.

Hardware: 2/5

First thing I would get rid of on this bass would be the tuners. They are not very reliable for keeping you in tune whatsoever. The bridge is nothing special but it does it's job and I have not found any problems with it so far. The pots on it should be replaced. Changing the pots on it can clear up the sound quite as the stock ones are not very good and I would say they are worse than the Fender MIM ones.

Tone: before pots changed 3/5 after pots changed 4/5

It doesn't sound bad at all even if you plug it in and start playing before you are properly setup. Before I changed the pots it had a very growly tone that was very close to what I wanted but it was muddy and the great sound that this bass has the potential for was being supressed because of that. The stock tone pot works but I found that it doesn't taper very smoothly. It takes almost extreme changes (all the way up or all the way dow) to effectively hear a difference unless playing slap. After I changed the pots this bass cleared up a bit and it's closer to what I was looking for with tone but it still has some improveing to be done. I now have to move my tone knob less to hear a change and can get a nice fat'n'smooth sound soloing the bridge pickup with the tone dialed all the was back. Then neck pup does certainly lend the beef to the tone but it can't compete with a P for the lows. Like I said this bass has nice growl to it. Most of it's character lies in the low mids-mids which I like a lot. With the tone full on you get just enough highs but not enough to cover up a guitarist. When recording you get a little noise but then again these are single coils so I just expect that. There's definately a few useable tones in it.

Value: based on all jazzes that I've played 3.8/5 based on price 6/5

I personally thought that these are much better than the MIM basses. Like a lot of people have said about SX basses, they are a great starter, mod, beater, cheap back-up bass. For the price this bass simply can't be beat. Compared to other jazzes including American made this bass actually does a decent job. Hade the tone been more defined and clear I would have given it a 4 and taken it into a shop to modify it into a 4.9/5 rating.

Overall: 6/5 price payed considered

I payed a great price for a bass that tries to out do itself. If you're not sure about moving from a 4 to a 5 I think this is the perfect bass to do it with.

09-18-2005, 09:13 AM
Nice review next time add some pics of it :)

09-25-2005, 01:25 PM
Good review