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05-08-2005, 04:18 PM
Spector Pro Q-4


I've owned this bass since April 2003 and I love it alot

This bass is a nice looking bass but is too dark for me. Im a maple fretboard guy so the rosewood looks a bit dull to me. The black stain can look amazing under the right light and really shows a nice grain too. People also think my bass is a dark purple (the colour it looks under light). The contours of the body are nice and cool looking.

The sound from this bass is great, its got a nice warm natural tone, but isnt too unique. The tonal options are bass and treble, with two volume controls. Blending these 4 controls can give me a wide variety of sounds but I felt I couldnt get a really low, boomy p-bass kind of sound from it. Having only the bridge pickup on sounds hollow, but picks up the harmonics very nicely.

This bass feels nice to play. The neck is a nice size, about the size of a p-bass, and is generally comfortable. I never have any problems with resting my thumb due to the nice large soapbars and the contours of the bass fit my body nicely. The action can have a bit of trouble now and then and can need adjusting but by not much.

Ive gigged this bass a few times and its fine! The bass is in great condition even after being beat about now and then. Theres only one flaw on the durability of the bass. The nut! the nut holes for my E and A strings are really worn down and shredded so I'd recommend a new nut to replace the cheapy plastic one it has.

I payed 300 for this bass, which I think is a great price for what you get! The bass is easily worth the money (Yeah, you americans will think thats expensive, but in the UK things are expensive!)

The quality of this bass is good. Its well constructed and there is no sharp frets. The only thing ive found was some excess glue on the headstock side of the nut, just a minor thing though! The finish has been nicely applied and everything is smooth.

Overall, this is a great bass for someone wanting to move up from their starter bass. It comes in a wide variety of colours from orange to blue, to even holoflash (check it out. It looks like oil in a puddle of water. Very cool!) And i'd definately recommend this bass to anyone looking for a new decent bass but doesn't want to break the bank.

4/5/6 strings
rosewood fretboard
maple neck
basswood body
2 EMG-HZ humbucker pickups
EMG active pre-amp
side-mounted jack
bass/treble/vol/vol controls



05-08-2005, 05:40 PM
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