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12-15-2004, 06:17 PM
In The Early Morning
I woke up on an early, gloomy morning. The moon was still out, burning bright. It was probably no later than one thirty in the morning. I woke up, strangely, at exactly midnight. I woke for my bones were filled with, what felt like, a deathly cold. My hole body went cold, and I could not get warm. It must have been eighty-eight degrees, but it felt like it was well below thirty degrees. I was amazed that I could not see my own breath. The cold brought upon my body was sickening, but , some how, a smile still lingered on my face.
It was a clear night, and the moon was shining the brightest I've ever seen. A solid beam of light flowed through my window. From the corner of the house I saw a glint of light. The moon had shined itself on an ax, and the metal blade of the ax was glowing with radiance.
"Hello little buddy. How are you?" I said as I walked across the room, slowly, staring at my reflection in the ax. "Did you miss me?" I said in a soothing voice, " don't worry, I'm here for you now." I was now standing in front of the ax. I stared at my reflex ion in the ax blade, and I saw a large, pail man. I could see my usually shady eyes, glowing. My shaggy hair was laying over my face and I wiped it away. I had my usual frown on my face still, and I could see myself rubbing my scar on my chin. For some reason it was a habit, I think I only did it when I was happy.
I put an end to my meaningless gaze into the ax blade, and rapped my hands around the handle. It felt good under my *hands, like it belonged, it gave me a feeling of warmth. I slung it over my shoulder and gave it a few practice swings. *As I swung a smile crept onto my face, and I seamed like it made a home there for the rest of the night.
"I think me and you are going to go on a stroll around town, little buddy." I said while running my finger down the blade. It left a thin line of blood where it cut. "Yep, your nice and sharp little buddy, nice…and…sharp." I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked out the axes blood. Then I reached down to the door handle, opened it slowly, *then strolled out the door. I had a sort of spring in my step. I almost felt like dancing. It was going to be a good morning.
I walked down the street using my new friend as a cane. I felt high and mighty, like I was on top of the world. No one else understood me, they called me a reject and a loner, but my shiny little friend new me very well. He didn't call me names, or say I was worthless, he was my friend, and we were going to have fun together.
I wondered the streets for about a half an hour, until I stumbled upon a cat. It came up to me all nice like and rubbed up against my leg, it then let out a nice warm purr. "Oh, aren't you just the cutest little thing." I said and pet the cat under its chin, and it started to purr again. "Yes, what a cut little kitten" I said, and a great grin came to my face. I griped my new friend and brand it over my head. I felt a tingling sensation all up and down my spine as I unleashed my little buddy on the cat. I struck it on the left side. I heard all the ribs break, then the shrill cry the cat let out. With this, I burst into a fit of hysterical laughter that must have lasted for a few minutes.
After my fit, I gripped the ax handle and pulled the ax out of the cats side, I hear a slightly squishy sound and I hear the cat scream again. At first there was no blood, and my bright smile faded a little. But then the blood cascaded all over the road.
"What a pretty little kitty cat you are" I said. The only response I got was a series of painful cries. I stared for a moment at my work, admiring it. The cat was flinching and it could not stop moaning. "If I were you" I began " I would stop that noise making". The response was a moan. "I'm only going to give you one more chance, so be quiet." with this the cat let out a fierce hiss. "I told you to be quite!" I yelled, now enraged. *I then took the ax in my hand and put it over my head, turning tit around so the blunt, hammer like side was facing forward. I jumped up in the air and brought down the ax on the cats head with all my force.
The head was gone. In its place was a stain on the road, a red and gray stain. Blood was running down my lip, off of my chin. It seamed I had bit my lip in my state of rage while sealing the cats fate. I looked at the body of the cat on the road and began to smile enormously. My hole body was tingling, I felt better than ever, and I was no longer cold, in fact, I was burning up.
I looked at the cat once more and said, " bye, you pretty little kitty cat," and strolled down the road once more, using the ax as a cane again. The spring in my step was still there, it didn't seam like anything could get it out.
"Well, I really should call Mr. Smidly before I come over, but I'm sure he wont mind it if I pop in for a quick little visit." I said with a sneer on my face. I took a walk down Renaldo avenue., I walked down the street singing I Kill Children bye the *Dead Kennedys. "I kill children" I sang in a vibrato voice, trying to replicate the singers voice. "And I kill cats" I added, *and the sneer climbed back onto my face, "and I kill bosses" I said with the sneer ever growing, "I kill everything" I know growled, "And ill kill you", I said, now standing out front of the middle sized house, it was blue with white trim. It had a basketball hoop hanging over the garage, put there by the previous owners. It basked in the light of a street lamp. I looked down and was amused by my shadow. It was like it was strait out of a horror movie. I was standing with my legs a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. My hands were off to my side and you could see the blood still dripping from the ax blade.
I stopped staring at my shadow and started my walk up the faded white steps. As I walked up them I could hear them creak under my weight. "O.K. little buddy, this is where the fun starts. Hope your ready" I said and laughed under my breath.
I grabbed the doorknob and *tired to twist it open. "Locked, you're a smart man Mr. Smidly, very smart guy." I sneered. I then grabbed the ax and used the back to break the lock. "Thank you little buddy" I said and turned the doorknob and walked into the house.
The house wasn't decorated to its fullest, but it wasn't to bad if you took the fact that a forty-three year old man lived there alone, unless you counted his pet turtle.

12-15-2004, 06:19 PM

"Nice house you got here Mr. Smidly," I said while I swung my ax across the table at the entrance. The table had many pictures, most likely of relatives. The pictures came crashing to the ground, and I hear a crash when the frams broke, I could also hear a crunchy sound as I proceeded over the glass. "Well little buddy, its time for you to meet my boss."
I walked up the wooden stairs making no effort to quite my steps. I walked to the first door and opened it slowly. All I saw there was a treadmill, a TV, and a mattress (I'm assuming for gusts). "Strike one" I said and moved to the next room. I opened the door and stood in the door way. I saw a bed with a lump in it. "Hello Mr. Smidly," I said in a rather quite voice. The lump stirred a little bit, and *there was a little grunt. "Mr. Smidly, wake up!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. The lump then shot up, and I saw the middle aged, balding man that was Mr. Smidly. "Good morning Mr. Smidly," I said in a pleasant voice.
"Fred? Fred, what the hell are you doing here?"
"Oh. Sorry Mr. Smidly," I began " I just wanted to introduce you to my new best friend." I held the still blood drenched ax out in front of me. "Meet my little buddy. He's been dieing *to meet you."
"Fred! What are you doing?" I saw his face grow pail and his eyes grow deep and dark. He began to swallow his words. "What are you doing with that ax?"
"Nothing much," I could hear the evil in my own voice, "just going for a stroll around town." I said, closing the door. Mr. Smidly then got up out of his bed. "Where are you going?" I asked, and started to walk toured him. Every step closer I got he took a step back. After this cycle, he ended up standing in the corner of his beige room.
"Well Mr. Smidly," I whispered close to his face, "these walls are really boring, don't you think?" I waited for a response and got none. " yeah, they really are" I said a bit louder, "We need some color on these walls" and with this I rose the ax and swing it. It landed right next to his head, creating a good sized hole in the wall.
"oh my god" yelled Mr. Smidly, and then proceeded to yell and scream. After his yells secede, I saw a sliver of blood running down his cheek.
"Oh, what happened Smidly?" I asked and turned his head to see the wound. "Oh, I'm sorry, how clumsy of me," I said. *I looked on the floor and picked something up. "What's this? Mr. Smidly, do you know what this is?"
"It's..." he chocked, "It,s, my ear."
"Yep, good job. Pats for Smidly" and I patted him on the shoulder. Then I through the ear into the trashcan next to his bed.
I could see him staring at the trash can and moved his face back to look at me. "Bet you wish you didn't call me a screw up now, eh? Bet you wish you never called me worthless, eh?" I said with a sneer on my face, and murder in my voice. The ax was still in the wall, and I had him pined between my arms. "Yep, bet you wish you didn't say any of that stuff. You know why. Because my little buddy is going to take care of..." I felt something penetrate my stomach, "...you...". This last word seemed to last forever. I looked at my shirt and saw my shirt soaked in blood. I then saw Mr. Smidly's hand remove three pens from my stomach. I tried to reach for the ax. My fingers grazed over it, but I could not get a comforting grip. Everything left me, my sight, my touch, everything. All I could feel was the warmth draining away, and the cold replacing it.
Unfortunately for me, Mr. Smidly was a very bright fellow. After his initial attack, he inflicted my body with a multitude of rage driven attacks. I could feel the pens entering me all over my body. They brought something on to me, something close to relief. Every stab brought a burst of pain, accompanied by warmth. The warmth was greatly excepted in my state of cold. But the pain was almost unbearable. I could hear my screams, and, also, the war cries of Mr. Smidly. The tables were turned, and I was left scrounging for my life.
Mr. Smidly left me there. He left and got help. An ambulance came along with over a dozen cops. I could barely move, but I mustered up the energy and said " leave me, let me die, leave me here, please, leave me here" to the paramedics. I knew the only thing I had to look forward to was either a long, slow, death in a cramp hospital, or a long time in prison. I much rather have died there than either of the two.
It turned out it was the later of the two. I was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison, that's where I am today. But I am no longer Fred, here, I am 3569421. I share a cell with 3569423, he says his name was once Michele. He will rot in here for the remainder of his life. But I, I am another story. I will get out. Sooner, or later. And I do, and always will know one thing. My little buddy will always be waiting...

12-15-2004, 07:38 PM
Um... before I read all this, is this supposed to be a song? If it is...... wow. I'll review it in a bit.

12-15-2004, 08:02 PM
yeah it is a long song.....its kind of like and east india kind of song with climaxs and stuff......not really but it is really super long almost like in da gadda da vida long....it has a small drum solo 2 guitar solos....1 bass solo and the unplugged version has a small whistleing solo....but yeah its a song

12-16-2004, 10:28 AM
so why you wrote that in my thread was dumb, sorry. I think this is way to long to be a song and it is even harder to read. It has to be 20 minutes long. Hey if thats what you were going for then you accomplished it. You definatley get your point across, but that is all i will say for your stupid smartass remark you gave me.