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10-26-2004, 06:39 PM
She Ties Her Hair with Year Old Bows


Once a luminated seraph
Now she just reflects our hearts
Into a long broken pocket mirror

Sounds of speech
The “so-called” inquisitive answers
They’re like the reruns of old cartoons

Her faith(full) society was laid open
On the burnt cross hid in her cleavage
And the nature of her heart spread
Down the dripping of her lavender lipstick

Those black ink coated fingernails
Were less dense then emotions left for you
In a birthday present
Left at your front door
You know the kind
Wrapped in the faded cartoons
The faces bright with joy
Yet gone, from those beautiful autumn days
With the coldness of winter
Came a triteness in your tongue
All the jars and hugs
Were left in a purgatory
Of falling leaves
From oak trees.

I guess I should probably hold tight.

10-27-2004, 12:53 AM
The title interested me....

Im a sucker for anything with symbols and words about nature. I love fall and the change. Its very easy for me to step inside the world that is being portrayed.
question: Does cartoon's have any specific symbolic purpose here? i was wondering. I might would change the second one to comics, just to ease the repitition. though i think a little repitition is good...it would just seem to imply that its meaning something deeper. but if it does its hardly identifiable.

a purgatory of falling leaves from oak trees.

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