View Full Version : You said you dont know

10-26-2004, 03:34 PM
So far I have this much but I don't know if it sounds any good. What do u think? Should I erase it or keep it?

You say you don't know this side of your heart
That the luminescent light he carries will lose appeal
But there is a place called home waiting for us
Lets take the car with one headlight
And follow through with our ambitions
his parade will die easy like your broken heart
If we don't leave in time
Turn the key again before I lose my friend
Her heart is blowing like the message in a bottle
Reminded by its testimony each and every time
Leaving a liquid trace on her bloodshot eyes
(or Leaving a broken gate on her bloodshot eyes)

Circumstances raised on the objection of glasses
And feels like the worst joke ever played
When the eight lives remaing begain to wear out
Our inentions behind human nature charactare
Were locked away safe for unquestionable crimes
Reserved for only the most foulest of beings
For the final straw to break our backs

This boy should have never seen the show
Of a figure who died from perfection
He can't begin to see the writing on the wall
Or see that same face he adores anymore
From being stuck between the seasons
Of October rain and December harvest
Summer blood regains a memory after sometime

(Part of closing verse)
Your face becomes a permeant image
Always etched in mind