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10-26-2004, 01:33 AM
Okay I've heard bad things about turning an amplifier head on while there is no speaker cabinet attached (because the cab acts as a resistor? Not sure), but would anything bad come of plugging an amp head into a mixer that already had speakers attached to it?

Also my bassist friend never uses anything on his combo amp other than treble, mid and bass equalisations, which the mixer has its own set of, what would happen if he just plugged his bass straight into the mixer? Is there anything wrong with this, and if not, why doesn't anyone do it?

If I were to plug a bass into a guitar amp and crank it, would it be the speakers that would get damaged or the circuitry? Or both? I know that the cause of it is the differing frequencies, but I dont know what exactly it affects within the amp.

Finally, will it harm speakers to be plugged into a poweramp of a wattage that is far below the speakers own wattage? eg plugging a 150/150w poweramp into..say, a 600w speaker.

10-26-2004, 05:27 PM
Do not plug your amp head into anything other than a suitable speaker load. Your amp head creates a lot of power, and running that into something like the input of a mixer will heat it up and totally cook the mixer. It may even cause damage to the amp.

Plugging bass direct into the mixer (because of the high impedence) doesn't sound all that crash hot. Not only that, but the preamp stages in bass amps are suitabley voiced for bass. This is not the case for mixers.
If you want to run your bass direct into the mixer, I would suggest buying a DI box and going through that first. http://www.behringer.com/DI20/index.cfm?lang=ENG
But it is usually good practice to still have your bass amp with you just for a bit of on-stage presence.

Guitar amps are built to suit the frequency range of guitar. Running a bass through it can, after time, wear out your preamp stages and make your amp sound like it is full of sand. There is also a very slim chance that you may burn out your speakers if you run the volume of the amp up around 10 all the time.

There is no worries with running 600+ watt speakers off just a lesser powered power amp. Just dont go running your volume up around 10 all the time. If the power amp (or any of your equipment) has clip indicators keep and eye on them and make sure they never light up.
If you find yourself having to run your volume maxed in order to keep up. And you are experiencing clipping. You can risk damaging your speakers. And it would be better to invest in an amp with more headroom (wattage).

10-27-2004, 05:52 AM
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