View Full Version : i beg you, insult/critisise.

10-24-2004, 11:51 AM
i mostly write music but occasionally i write lyrics, since this is the perfect opportunity to retain anomyninity(??st-st-stuttering), hey, i'm open to productive criticism. (& by all means critisise me!!)


the epitamy of my endurance,
the quest for eternal vigilance,
it's the alltime low & i'm too naive to realise i'm drowning.
birth was my scorning,
so in a new form i was reborn & spawned,
still drenched from the collective ocean.

but somehow i lost you,
you slipped from my embrace,
a razorblade kiss from an unbloodied face.
my eyes weep ashes,
my fingers grip nothing at all,
& you will never truly see me my friend.

(the socio-labrynth is the soul's eubliette)

my eyes are jaded, yet efficient in my utmost proficient hour.
don't search for me, for i will no longer be found,
fleeing to my playground,
milk-tooth bars & candy scars,
&you won't fall that far.

(the socio-labrynth is the soul's eubliette,
& i've too much to forget & nothing to regress.)

searching for meaning, unformal reasoning,
lost in open space in a crowd of nothing.
this shaded masquerade left me open for the taking,
& gravel-rash decisions tore the scars shut for open eyes.
lessons learnt from infantile tumours & scholorish tutors,
blind, dumb, & mute the only perceptions.
radio-grunge sludge opera's the only cannel on the deception channel.

breathing deep from delusional diaphrams.
demonic angels & idolic diadems.

(the socio-labrynth is the soul's eubliette,
& my unconcious presence is repaying the debt.)