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10-24-2004, 10:17 AM
I wrote this at work.

Strapped into the chair again,
She doesn't think she belongs.
Nurses only hold her in,
So she just tells them they're wrong.
Every last time she tried it,
The clock keeps slowing her down.
Main event,
though sure she's just gonna forget,
When she got away

They put her in a chair with a seatbelt,
Just an obstacle, standing in her way,
Where would she go if she ever got out?
Run Seatbelt Lady Run
They're not sure if she cared how her feet felt,
With her thermos full, lasts her everyday,
Life regulated leaves you so strung out,
Run Seatbelt Lady Run

Someone combs her hair again,
and less is staying in place.
Lost time, she's not giving in,
You can see the proof on her face.
One day she saw doors left open,
A clear and easy escape.
Drink in hand,
A break for the sunlight's rays,
When she got away



Sitting in her chair again,
Another failing attempt.
Theis victory was just pretend,
a cry for life as she slept.
Then the night of erie silence,
The cry is finally heard.
So complete,
Resting covered in a sheet,
When she got away


10-24-2004, 01:25 PM
bizumpity bump whut