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10-24-2004, 02:31 AM
Twenty minutes till four.
Can I pass out before the
next song.
The headphones drive a lonley
rythm, push the weight along.
Message on the monitor
says he's all alone.
What a subtle way
to tell a blatant lie.
If in love we trust
well then in love we die.
This poem creeps along the lines
of a senior yearbook goodbye.
Choke on the post script, the ink
runs down your lips
past your hips
to your feet.
I can taste the indifference caught
between your teeth.
And I smell the guilt
all across your sheets,
as if Id never lain upon these seams.
But id give anything tonight
to sleep between your dreams.
God wake me from this nervous rest,
shes not sleeping, barley breathing.
I caught her watching, as I feigned a silent
She said"'I have a confession."
and I said "Take a number."
Serving number nintey-nine,
serving number nintey-nine.
If in love we trust
then in love we die.