View Full Version : The Barton (Read this and feel better about yourself)

10-23-2004, 09:07 PM
This was written by a friend of mine. This is seriously is best attempt at songwriting yet. So just be happy you can write better than THIS. It's about our principal.

Why do you make these stupid rules?
What do you think we are? Fools?
If it ain't "Just so"
Ya bitch and moan
Well I got news for ya

Yer a stupid Jew
Nobody likes you
and everyone's joining the coup
that will get rid of you!!

You're not like the old one
you're absolutely no fun
This is such a dictatorship
You must be on an egotistical trip
That's it I've had enough of you


What's up with that ear
You fill the children with fear
That school song is very gay
And that's what a lot of people say
We want to get rid of you!


My classes I will Jihad
Then hit you with a paper wad
I'd like to beat your *ss you see
I'd have no mercy
I will get rid of you