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10-22-2004, 07:53 PM
Those days we were missing out
Missing out on everyone
Most importantly ourselves
And nothing is exchanged in return
Except for the thought
The one thing burnt in my mind
Why do I bother?
Why should I even care?
Maybe I hate myself
Maybe its just another meaningless tear...

We give and give, to the people that we love, to almost anyone
But I guess sometimes I must ask myself
Will I be who I am tomorrow?
If I continue to say things so corruptly about oneself today?

They say more people love you and respect you than you'd think
But my friends call me crazy
As they sip at their poisoness drink
I've got but one life to live, but is it possible?
Possible to regret the care and laughter that I give?

Thoughts stewing in ones mind at a pace more frequent
than a clocks tick of time
Nameless tears running down a deserving cheek
To understand those who see is to impersonate the blind

I just kinda threw some of my thoughts together. This does have meaning to me though, I felt if I tried to make it all fit together and rhyme the whole time, it would take away from the message I'm trying to portray. What do you all think?


10-26-2004, 05:48 PM
I really like the phrase about more people liking and respecting you than you would think...I believe that really holds true in the real world since we really never know what people are thinking about us even if we truly ask them. Deep thoughts!!

Good Job