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10-20-2004, 11:34 PM
Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone wanted to check out this track from my band. This is a new vocal direction for us but still keeping in the same format of the band. Its kind of an alternative heavy rock ballad with grunt... if thats possible.


Please let me know what you think. It was recorded in a jam session as an instrumental, and we just re-wrote the lyrics and its had the vocals added through a dodgy karaoke rig just to get it onto tape (so I apologise in advance for the crappy echo :))

Anyway, please be as kind or cruel (but most of all honest) as you can.

10-21-2004, 04:21 AM
It's nice song.

+ Melody is nice.
+ nice consturction

- Guitar effect in the intro
- In the end the vocalist sounds like his badly hurt

10-21-2004, 06:25 AM
It's nice song.
- Guitar effect in the intro
- In the end the vocalist sounds like his badly hurt

Thanks for the words... much appreciated

yeah, the problem with the recording is, there isnt any effects on the guitar at the intro, it sounds shoddy because it was recorded to analogue tape the first time in the rehearsal studio from 1 mic, then re-recorded back to analogue tape when the vocals were added.

What you hear is just tape degradation. The sound is actually a clean guitar drop d-tuned on the 2nd capo.

With the vocals at the end... yeah, thats actually me singing and its a pretty rough recording, it was like 3rd take, and because I was limited in time, I kept it with the broken voice. Normally, im not sitting in the lounge room recording it trying not to upset the neighbours :). We will be working more on the ending, getting the melody just right with less strain on the vocal sound but still with a big ooomph in there.

Anyone else have a listen ?