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10-16-2004, 12:16 PM
Yet another anti-war song in the style of Rage Against the Machine

A sonic boom
Bomb falls and illuminates night
A flash of after-burn then explosion absconds with their sight
After sight, sound and speech it's their lives that it takes
As the murder mass media shows the garb of the fakes
Another Afghani for the body-count burning at stakes
No family to mourn, no graves and no wakes

And a brick falls down to the ground and into the dirt
No person to see it there, to see it's true worth
Nothing, freeze dried in a landlocked country of thirst
A thirst for a change from the shawl and from the hearse

A change for freedom to express their beliefs
With out being beaten in back alley streets
A place where their fundamentalist beliefs aren't met with a laugh
A place where their creed wonít land them in prison ON MY BEHALF

Another nation of racists
We face this
Amidst the series of facelifts
Amidst the ones made of plastics
And graft fix
Another place home for the fascists
Donít take another life in my name, in my war, in my guns
On my behalf, ON MY BEHALF

Another national facelift, fact-lift, brainwash session
All eyes of aggression
On this great depression
And this blind obsession
For this same direction
Without forethought, afterthought, or any discretion

Just discretion to veil
The body yard sale
As 'WMD' replaces 'Sieg Heil'
More fervor for the FŁhrer who Satan disdains
For media body slams and torture he trains
And when his ethics call question the war pig just laughs
Because he knows heíll spill this blood ON MY BEHALF


Another death in the family
Another Road, Another stop sign
Another warlord basks in eternal sunshine
This warís not mine
Not yours, it's not theirs
Itís of they who spend their time putting up heirs
Jargon filled prayers

Troops mask truths
Hide the dead body of a freshly cut youth
From either side
There's no reason not to hide
A body of an innocent, don't let the body-count climb

But it goes sky high
Behind their white lie
Not a dry eye
In the nation's I-Spy
But donít-steer clear of this wicked war path
But not in my life, my time, my name, NOT ON MY BEHALF


10-21-2004, 04:51 PM
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