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08-04-2004, 07:05 PM
Subject: Brice V2 Six-String Bass
Price: $200 w/o shipping, $224 w/shipping.

Well, all other left-handers out there should know the frustration of finding and purchasing basses, not to mention a bass with more than 4 strings. So, somehow I stumbled onto a site called Rondo Music. I researched their products, and found that they all got great reviews. So I decided what the hell, I want to try something new, and got the Brice V2 6 string.
This is probably my best move since starting bass. The bass is beautiful, a very nice quilted maple top on top of an agathis body. However, looks don't matter if the bass sounds like shit, right? So, onto the sound.
This bass is everything I have wanted. It has a deep, almost growly sound. It is pretty versatile; going from warm and mellow to bright and punchy with the twist of a knob or two. This is my first active bass, so the EQ took me a while to get used to, but it is very easy to work.
It came to me in tune, which I thought was very cool. So far, its stayed in tune, and thats after about 4 straight hours of playing it, then the next day going to band practice which is 4 hours long, and even now is in tune.
Overall, I definetely recomend this bass to anyone that wants to try a 6 string, but not spend a fortune. Personally, I would expect a bass like this to be at least $500.

I give this bass 5/5 stars.

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03-24-2005, 06:35 AM
****, i wish i could get a sixer (or a decent bass for that matter) down in ozz for that price