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Deathless One
01-11-2004, 12:57 PM
This album was released in 2000 and was a great release by my favourite Black Metal band. Midian featured a great sound with poetic lyrics, chilling keyboards and guitars and backed by great bass lines and stellar drumming.
The album progresses in sound from the heavy,loud and fast 'Cthulhu Dawn' to a softer and slower 'Her Ghost In The Fog'.

Track Listing
1. At The Gates Of Midian
2. Cthulhu Dawn
3. Saffron's Curse
4. Death Magick For Adepts
5. Lord Abortion
6. Amor E Morte
7. Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors
8. Her Ghost In The Fog
9. Tearing The Veil From Grace
10. Tortured Soul Asylum
11. Those Who Died

I'll add a review of each song when I get back home on Monday... I don't have the CD with me :upset:

01-11-2004, 01:10 PM
you can copy + paste this when you make a complete review. I'm closing this.